MYTH                                 &                              FACTS

Mosquitos are also can transmit novel corona virus

No, mosquitos can not play any role in transmission of corona virus

Mask is mandatory to everyone

People required to wear mask –

·         If they are taking care of the corona infected person

·         If they having symptoms like fever, cough etc.


Wearing mask is sufficient to protect yourself from the infection

Wearing mask is effective only when you wash our hands properly and regularly with soap and water or rinse your hands with alcohol-based sanitizers.

Consumption of garlic and alcohol protect you from Corona virus infection.

Consumption of garlic and alcohol cannot protect you from Corona virus infection.

People who have the symptoms can only spread the infection.

No, if a person is infected but do not show any symptom, can also act as a carrier and can spread the infection.

Infection spreads only when you came in direct contact with the infected person.

No only with the infected person but also using things of that person like towel, utensils, clothes etc. can increase the risk of infection indirectly.

Corona virus cannot survive at high temperature

Not true, it is a pandemic disease so this virus can survive in hot and humid climate also.

This virus put its effect only on old people.

Everyone can get infected by corona virus. There is no age restriction.