Food Intolerance VS Food Allergy

Do you think that you have Food Intolerance  or  Food Allergy? 

If you have food intolerance,  you can still have small portions of that food without troubling digestive system much; but if you are allergic to a particular food, consuming small amount of that food cause trouble in your body.

During food allergy, the immune system, which fights infections, sees some particular food as an invader. This leads to an allergic reaction where a chemical like histamine is released in the body.

Food Intolerance affects the Digestive System. On the other hand, Food Allergy affects the Immune System but both Food intolerance and Food allergy cause same symptoms like breathing issues, coughing, vomiting, abdominal pain, swelling and low blood pressure.

"Food Intolerance are not life- Threatening but Food Allergies can be Fatal"